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As-constructed drawings frequently suffer from obsolescence and inaccuracy, resulting in unforeseen challenges and significant project delays. Employing 3D laser scanning equips your team with point cloud visualizations, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D BIM models, facilitating dependable project planning and minimizing the likelihood of change orders and delays. GTEC3D stands out as a premier 3D laser scanning company specializing in construction site surveys and geospatial mapping services for the AEC industry. Our seasoned professionals utilize cutting-edge equipment, software, and processes to deliver top-tier as-built data, maps, and models. The precision of our 3D scanning technology ensures accurate dimensions and measurements of buildings, job sites, factories, plants, and facilities, achieving an impressive accuracy range of 2-4mm. We establish the crucial connection between unknown existing conditions and a true digital twin.

3D Laser Scanning

GTEC3D offers flexibility in project bids, allowing you to choose whether to include 3D modeling services based on your preferences and requirements. Additionally, GTEC3D provides laser scan data to facilitate the seamless creation of 3D models. Exporting precise and up-to-date data from the GTEC3D environment supports your VDC professionals in the development and validation of BIM. Various downloadable point cloud formats, such as Leica .LGS, Autodesk Recap files, and standard .e57s, are available through GTEC3D

Scan to BIM

GTEC3D utilizes point cloud data for the creation of Autodesk Revit models. Seamlessly export accurate and current data from the GTEC3D environment to assist your VDC professionals in the creation and validation of BIM. GTEC3D provides a variety of downloadable point cloud formats, including Leica .LGS, Autodesk Recap files, and standard .e57s.

Maratime Scanning

Ensuring precise information about the current status of ships and marine structures is paramount for the success of engineering ventures in the marine industry. The advent of 3D laser scanning has marked a transformative phase, granting marine service providers the capability to attain accurate, real-time data on marine environments, vessels, and structures with exceptional precision.