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RTC360 in Oregon

3D Laser Scanning

GTEC3D uses Leica Geosystems Hi-Resolution RTC360 Laser Scanner to create 3D Point clouds in a non-contact, non-destructive manner that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light and color 360 degree photography in turn creating sub millimeter accurate Point Clouds


Scan To BIM

GTEC3D utilized RTC360 Laser scanners to create High Resolution Point Clouds. These point clouds are then in turned traced to create accurate AS-BUILT 3D models for construction, manufacturing or design. In the process the creation, development, and maintenance of a BIM model with intelligent geometry is created.


Maritime 3D Laser Scanning

Ensuring precise information about the current status of ships and marine structures is paramount for the success of engineering ventures in the marine industry. The advent of 3D laser scanning has marked a transformative phase, granting marine service providers the capability to attain accurate, real-time data on marine environments, vessels, and structures with exceptional precision.

At GTEC3D, we specialize in delivering comprehensive 3D laser scanning services tailored specifically for the marine sector. Our global clientele benefits from our proficiency in scanning, tank calibration, and CAD modeling. With headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and Fukouko, Japan, we guarantee the provision of 3D laser scanning data and models in diverse formats to meet your specific needs. Using a diverse array of 3D laser scanners, our team captures millions of points, constructing a detailed point cloud that faithfully represents the existing conditions.

For all your marine inspection requirements, such as ship and vessel inspections, hull scanning, ballast water treatment surveys, bow and aft evaluations, propeller reverse engineering, or assessments of existing conditions for piers and jetties, trust GTEC3D. Our skilled team, armed with cutting-edge technology and knowledge, is dedicated to furnishing you with highly accurate data. Contact us today to delve further into our top-tier marine scanning services!